Tokyo Disneyland Shop

The Disney experience is more than just the beautiful themed areas in which the entire amusement park is divided. 

A big part of the fun is the opportunity to shop for Disney items in its Tokyo Disneyland stores, adding to the magic and excitement of your visit.

One of the perks of Tokyo Disneyland shopping is the exclusive souvenirs and merchandise available only at the selected Tokyo Disneyland gift shops.

Read on to learn in detail about the shopping near Disneyland Tokyo and to look forward to where Tokyo Disneyland shops are located inside the park. 

Tokyo Disneyland Shopping 

The Tokyo Disneyland is divided into seven themed areas. 

Each area features attractions, restaurants, and shops based on the theme, making them unique and different. 

Visitors should keep a map handy to navigate easily and know where they are inside the park and where they need to go. 

Download a detailed Tokyo Disneyland map before your visit. 

Explore the sibling park with the Tokyo DisneySea transfer tickets to get the most out of your visit, making it extremely convenient. 

Explore the other noteworthy attractions of Tokyo City, and grab the Tokyo hop-on hop-off tickets to get around the city with immense flexibility. 

World Bazaar

The World Bazaar inside the park is the first themed area from the entrance and features the most number of Tokyo Disneyland stores. 

Thus, it is a popular area for shopping at Tokyo Disneyland. It features a wide variety of things among the thirteen Tokyo Disneyland Shops. 

The Grand Emporium, the first shop from the entrance on your right side, features the largest selection of merchandise in the park. 

There is also a salon for young girls to get costumes and dress up as a princess. It is called the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

However, visitors need an advanced online reservation for the salon. 

Tokyo Disneyland ShopFeatures/Offerings 
Camera CentreDigital Photo media, camera accessories, and more 
Grand Emporium The largest selection of merchandise in the park. 
Silhouette Studio Silhouette portraits demonstration and sales
Town Center FashionPark’s largest apparel shop
Disney & Co. Disney Character accessories and other items
Toy StationThe biggest toy/plush doll shop in the park
House of GreetingsStationery, books, DVDs, and more 
Harrington’s Jewelry & WatchesWatches, bags, accessories and more
Bibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueA beauty salon for young girls
Pastry PalaceCakes, Cookies, and other treats
The Home StoreTableware and other interior goods
Magic Shop Demonstration and sales of magic tricks
World Bazaar ConfectioneryPark’s largest shop for sweets


The Adventureland features eight shops selling unique and different things as the area is themed around cultural diversity. 

One must-visit Tokyo Disneyland gift shop in this area is the Cristal Arts, which sells glasswork crafted by artisans. 

Party Gras Gifts, located nearby, also sells Glasswork, accessories and similar items. 

Jungle Carnival is an interactive entertainment area in this section where visitors can try their skills with fun games. 

It requires a separate fee that is not included in the Disneyland entry tickets. 

Disneyland Tokyo shopsFeatures/Offerings 
Adventureland BazaarHairbands, Sundries, sweets, capsules, toys, and other goods
Cristal Arts Demonstration and sales of Glassworks crafted by artisans. 
The Golden Galleon Novelties are themed around Pirates
Jungle Carnival Fun games 
Party Gras GiftsGlasswork, accessories and other items. 
Pirate TreasureItems in the image of buccaneer riches
La Pettie PerfumerieFragrances, body care products, and more
Le Marche BleuWagon offering hairband and fun caps


Next is the Westernland, which features seven shops. You will find various things, from Western-style clothing to Donald Duck items. 

The Western Wear shop reflects the theme of this area, where visitors can buy plenty of Western-style clothes and other related items. 

Disneyland Tokyo shopsFeatures/Offerings 
Western WearWestern-style apparel and folkcraft
Westernland Picture ParlourKeepsake portraits that capture the Old West
Country Bear BandwagonFun caps and hairbands
General StoreSnacks and Confectionery. 
Trading Post Disney Character items
Happy Camper Supplies Donald Duck items, fun caps, and more
Frontier WoodcraftOriginal items made from wood


This themed park area is on the right side of the World Bazaar. It features five shops. 

You must visit the  Treasure Comety to get Capsule Toys, Souvenir Medallions, and more. 

If you are a fan of Disney science fiction, then you will love the shops of Tomorrowland. 

All cater to items from popular characters and movies, such as Baymax and Monster Inc.

So, grab your Tokyo Disneyland Tickets to explore the wide range of Disney shops.

Disneyland Tokyo ShopsFeatures/Offerings
Cosmic EncounterFun caps, hairbands, and other wearable items.
Stargazer SuppliesBaymax-themed merchandise and more.
Treasure CometCapsule toys, merchandise themed to Baymax and Stitch, and apparel. 
Planet MItems themed to Dinsey and Pixar Toy Story films. 
Monsters, Inc. Company StoreMerchandise featuring the monster.


Fantasyland provides ample opportunity for Tokyo Disneyland shopping by featuring 8 excellent shops. 

One of the must-visit Tokyo Disneyland gift shops in this area is the Village Shoppes, where visitors can purchase merchandise related to Beauty and The Beast.

Similarly, Pooh Corner is dedicated to merchandise themed to Pooh and his friends. Visitors can also purchase glasswork crafted by artisans.  

Here is a list of all the shops with what they offer so that you can decide what to look forward to. 

Tokyo Disneyland ShopsFeatures/Offerings
The Glass SlipperDemonstration and Sales of glasswork crafted by artisans.
Kingdom TreasureMerchandise themed to Disney films.
Stromboli’s WagonFun caps and hairbands.
Harmony faireFun caps, Hairbands, and other Wearable items.
Village ShoppeConsisting of La Belle Library, Little Town Traders, and Bonjour Gifts, this shop offers items themed to the Disney film Beauty and The Beast, special event items, and more 
Pooh CornerMerchandise themed to Pooh and his friends
Brave Little Tailor ShoppeBaby goods and apparel for kids
Plaesure Island CandiesCandies and other sweets


Toontown is one of the two mini-lands. Only two shops exist because it is comparably smaller than other themed areas. 

The Gag Factory/Toontown Five and Dime is all about items and merchandise related to Mickey & his friends. 

The Other shop is Toontown Delivery Co, featuring light-up items, fun caps and more. 

Tokyo Disneyland ShopsFeatures/Offerings
Gag Factory/Toontown Five and DimeVarious items are themed to Mickey & Friends, sweets, capsule toys, and more.
Toontown Delivery Co. Wagon with fun caps, hairbands, and light-up items.

Critter Country

The other mini-land of the two is the Critter Country. Like the other one, this also features two shops. 

The Splashdown Photos is one of them, and visitors can purchase keepsake photos of their plunge down Splash Mountain. 

Tokyo Disneyland ShopsFeatures/Offerings
Splashdown PhotosKeepsake photos of your plunge down Splash Mountain. 
Hoot & Holler HideoutItems featuring the Critters.

Tokyo Disneyland Online Shopping

Visitors can check out the Tokyo Disneyland official website to know what you can purchase on the Disneyland Tokyo Online shop.

However, visitors can only purchase items through the official Tokyo Disney Resort App

There is a range of products, from glasswork to apparel, toys, and other merchandise. 

The delivery and return policies may vary, so check the official app for more information. 

Insider Tip! Visitors are recommended to opt for a Tokyo Disneyland round-trip transfer ticket to avoid all the hassles of traveling and parking. 

There is a Private Tokyo Disneyland round-trip transfer ticket to take it up a notch and travel in style, luxury, and comfort.


What can you buy at Tokyo Disneyland?

There are abundant opportunities for Tokyo Disneyland shopping as it has numerous shops in all parts of the park. 

Visitors can buy various things, from exclusive merchandise and keepsake photos to Glasswork crafted by artisans, apparel, and much more.

What are the popular shops at Tokyo Disneyland?

Some popular shops at Tokyo Disneyland include the Grand Emporium, which offers the largest selection of merchandise, and the Silhouette Studio, known for its charming silhouette portraits.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a hit with young visitors, offering a magical princess makeover experience.

Visitors also enjoy Adventureland Bazaar for its unique cultural diversity-themed merchandise.

Is there any Tokyo Disneyland online shop?

Yes, Tokyo Disneyland shop online is available through the official Tokyo Disney Resort App.

Visitors can explore various products from their official website, but purchases are made only through the Tokyo Disney Resort app.

The online shop offers a range of products, from glasswork to apparel, toys, and other merchandise, but delivery and return policies may vary.

It’s advisable to check the app for more information.

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