Tokyo Disneyland Restaurants

Tokyo Disneyland offers an experience that goes beyond just the magical setting, amazing rides, entertainment and parades. 

One of the crucial aspects of a fun visit is the Tokyo Disneyland restaurants, which offer an unparalleled eating experience. 

All of the walking and amazing attractions will make visitors hungry, and to take care of that, there are plenty of Tokyo Disneyland restaurants. 

Read on to learn about the restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland and related details, such as reservations and individual restaurants that are must-visit. 

Restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland

The Tokyo Disneyland is spread over 115 acres, featuring seven themed areas. Each themed area showcases attractions, shops, and restaurants that are on distinct themes. 

Thus, you are never far away from numerous restaurants in Disneyland Tokyo. 

However, visitors are recommended to download the Tokyo Disneyland map. It will help in easy navigation and knowing what is where inside the park. 

There are four restaurant Service styles in Tokyo Disneyland. 

  1. Counter– Visitors can place their order, pay and then pick up their order at the Counter. 
  2. Table– The order is taken here after the guests are seated at a table.
  3. Buffeteria– Visitors place their choices on a tray, and after paying, they are seated.
  4. Buffet– After paying, guests can select the dishes they want at the buffet. 

Apart from this, there are food booths for snacks and more. Visitors will require Tokyo Disneyland dining reservations for a few of the best restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland. 

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World Bazaar

The World Bazaar is the central shopping and dining area where you will find the bigger shops and restaurants. 

All of Tokyo Disneyland restaurants in World Bazaar are either Counter Style or Table. 

Thus, you can either place your order and pick it up to go or sit, relax and give your order from the seat to enjoy your food. 

Of the popular ones, visitors must try the restaurant Hokusai Tokyo Disneyland to try Japanese Cuisine.

It is the best restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland to try Japanese Cuisine. 

Adults and kids will like the place and food equally; a kid’s menu and alcoholic beverages are available. 

Priority Seating is available for dining with minimum wait times, and visitors can make online reservations before their visit

For the American offerings, visit the Great American Waffle Co. It is the perfect place for visitors to experience Tokyo Disneyland character dining with the Micky-shaped waffles. 

There are seven restaurants in this part of the park. Below is the list with an overview. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Ice Cream ConesIce cream and more related confectionery. Counter
Eastside CafePasta and other dishes. It offers Priority Seating and features a kid’s menu, too.It also serves alcohol. Table
Great American Waffle Co.Mickey-shaped waffles, along with other American staples. Counter
Sweetheart CafeMainly serves different types of bread and sweets.Counter 
Center Street CoffeehouseServes Western dishes. Features a kid’s menu excluding breakfast. Priority Seating option is available. Table
Refreshment CornerHot dogs and similar snacks.Counter
Restaurant Hokusai Tokyo DisneylandServes Japanese cuisine such as tempura. A kid’s menu is available. Priority Seating option through online reservationTable


The Adventureland features an extensive selection of restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland, with 12 restaurants and refreshments options present in this area. 

One of the must-check-out restaurants is the Tokyo Disneyland Polynesian Terrace restaurant. It serves Hawaiian pancakes and various dishes from the cuisine.

However, unlike the Tokyo Disneyland dining options, an online reservation is mandatory to dine here. 

The Blue Bayou Restaurant Tokyo Disneyland offers a great alternative with a priority seating option. It is one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland. 

It is famous for its location overlooking the Pirates of the Caribbean. Along with a kid’s menu, adults can find alcoholic beverages too. 

Another popular place is the Crystal Palace Restaurant Tokyo Disneyland, a buffet-style restaurant offering various dishes. 

If popularity is considered, then the Polynesian Terrace Restaurant is the best restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland. 

Apart from these, there are two refreshments spots from a wagon, Fresh Fruit Oasis offering fresh fruit cups and Parkside Wagon selling churros. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Cafe OrleansIt serves crepes, coffee, and more such barista offerings. Counter 
Crystal Palace Restaurant Tokyo DisneylandA buffet offering a wide variety of dishes.A priority seating option is available. Serves alcohol, too. Buffet
The GazeboSnacks and quick bites. Serves alcohol, too. Counter 
The Skipper’s GalleryIt serves menu items to enjoy on the go.Counter
Squeezer’s Tropical Juice BarIt serves seasonal beverages and more.Counter
China VoyagerChinese-style noodles and more from the cuisine. Features a kid’s menu. Serves alcohol, too. Counter
Blue Bayou Restaurant Tokyo DisneylandFull-course menu. Overlooking Pirates of the Caribbean. A priority seating option is available via online reservation. A Kid’s menu is available. Serves alcohol, too. Table
Boiler Room BitesIt offers snacks and similar quick bites. Serves alcohol, too. Counter
Polynesian Terrace RestaurantIt serves Hawaiian pancakes and more dishes.A kid’s menu is available. Serves alcohol, too.  Requires mandatory online reservationTable
Royal Street VerandaIt serves different non-alcoholic drinks.Counter 


The Westernland features six Tokyo Disneyland restaurants offering a full-course menu, sandwiches, and more. 

The Diamond Horseshoe is the most popular spot for Tokyo Disneyland dining in this area. It requires an advance online reservation. 

Visitors can enjoy Old West-style dishes here. Apart from this, Plaza Pavilion Restaurant is another popular option, which is a buffeteria. 

Rest all restaurants in this area are counter service style. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Cowboy Cookhouse It serves menu items to enjoy on the go.Serves alcohol, too.Counter
Camp Woodchuck KitchenIt serves Onigiri sandwiches and seasonal dishes.Serves alcohol, too.Counter 
The Diamond HorseshoeIt serves Old West-style dishes and more. A kid’s menu is available. Serves alcohol, too.A mandatory advance online reservation is required. Table
Hungry Bear RestaurantsIt serves curry with rice and a few other selected things. A kid’s menu is available. Serves alcohol, too.Counter 
Plaza Pavilion RestaurantsIt serves sweet sets and more.Serves alcohol, too.Buffeteria
Pecos Bill CafeIt serves churros and more.Counter 


Even though Tomorrowland features six restaurants, all of them are counter-type serving styles. Thus, it is crucial to plan your visit in advance. 

Among them, the Plazma Ray’s Diner offers Rice bowls and more things that are good to eat while on the go. It also has a kid’s menu. 

It is the only place in this area offering alcoholic beverages. 

One of the must-do things is to get your free Souvenir medallions by creating your own character medallions. It is available in a select few restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland.

However, there are multiple Disneyland Tokyo restaurants in this area offering food that is perfect for eating on the go. 

Some of the top examples include Pan Galactic Pizza Port and Tomorrowland Terrace. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Soft Landing (2F)Soft-serve ice cream and more.Counter 
Tomorrowland TerraceHamburgers and more such snacks. Souvenir Medallions.Counter
Pan Galactic Pizza PortA variety of pizzas. Souvenir Medallions.Counter
The Big PopIt serves BB popcorn and popcorn buckets.Counter
Plazma Ray’s Diner It serves rice bowls and more. A kid’s menu is available. Serves alcohol, too.Souvenir Medallions.Counter
The Poopping PodIt Serves popcorn. Counter


There are a total of nine restaurants and refreshment spots in the Fantasyland. However, none of them are table-style serving restaurants. 

All of them are counter-style serving restaurants except Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, a buffeteria serving Flank steak and more. 

Having said that, visitors should check out the Troubadour Tavern, which serves seasonal dishes to get a taste of local products and cuisine 

Beyond these are a few refreshment spots to grab something quick to eat on the go. Village Pastry offering various quick snacks is a good option. 

Visitors can also check out the Magical Market to try the seasonal dishes. 

Le Petit Popper is a wagon selling popcorn, perfect for munching while you are in between attractions. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Captain Hook’s GalleyIt serves a range of pizzas. Counter
Queen of Heart Banquet HallIt serves menu items such as Flank steak and more. A kid’s menu is also available.Buffeteria
Cleo’sIt serves a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and more. Counter
Troubadour TavernIt serves a wide variety of seasonal dishes.Serves alcohol, too.Counter
La Taverne de GastonIt serves big-bite croissants, sweets and more. Serves alcohol, too.Counter
LeFou’sIt Serves Churros and similar quick bites. Counter

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Toontown is one of the two mini-lands of Tokyo Disneyland. This themed area is smaller than the other traditional Disney Lands. 

There are more refreshment spots than traditional Restaurants Tokyo Disneyland with seating-style service.

There is only one Counter-style serving restaurant called the Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe. It serves sandwiches, snacks, and more. 

Apart from this, Food Booths are serving a range of things, such as seasonal dishes, popcorn, and spring rolls. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Toontown TreatsIt serves a variety of seasonal dishes. Food Booth
Toon PopA wagon selling popcorn. Food Booth
Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time CafeIt serves sandwiches, snacks, and more.Counter
Pop-A-Lot-PopcornA wagon offering popcorn.Food Booth
Mickey’s TrailerA wagon offering spring rolls. Food Booth

Critter Country

This is the one of the two mini-lands. Like the other one, this is smaller than the traditional Disney lands. 

There are only two restaurants in this area. Both are Counter-style serving. 

Visitors need to be mindful and plan their itinerary to know where they want to eat or just grab a snack on the go.

Of the two restaurants, Grandma Sara’s Kitchen offers a wider range of assorted dishes and more. 

Tokyo Disneyland RestaurantsOverviewServing Style
Grandma Sara’s kitchenIt serves various assorted dishes and more. A kid’s menu is also available.Serves alcohol, too.Counter
Rackety’s Raccoon SaloonIt serves various snack items and more. Counter

Restaurants near Tokyo Disneyland

Given the abundance of Tokyo Disneyland restaurants inside the park, looking for restaurants near Tokyo Disneyland wouldn’t be worth it. 

Visitors can easily find the best quality and a wide variety of food at all prices to enjoy inside the park. 

Options for getting snacks on the go inside the park from the various restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland further make it more convenient just to eat inside. 

Visitors are recommended to opt for a Tokyo Disneyland round-trip transfer ticket to dodge all the hassles of traveling and parking. 

Apart from this, crucial information, such as opening hours, how to get there, and the best time to visit, are highly relevant for all visitors. 


How much does it cost to eat in Tokyo Disneyland?

There are numerous restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland with varying price ranges. From budget-friendly options to elegant eating experiences, visitors will find everything here. 

The average cost of a Counter-style set meal is approximately ¥1400 (US $13). Visitors can find meals at ¥600-¥900 with french fries and soft drinks.

Can I bring snacks to Tokyo Disneyland?

Visitors can’t bring their own meals or food, including snacks, into Tokyo Disneyland. Water bottles are permitted inside the Tokyo Disneyland. 

Having said that, things like candies, chewing gum and snacks for small kids are okay to bring.

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