Tokyo Disneyland Parking

Knowing about the Tokyo Disneyland parking situation is crucial for those visitors who prefer a car to get to Tokyo Disneyland.

You don’t want to waste precious hours in the morning searching for parking at Tokyo Disneyland. 

Finding a parking spot will be a hassle and will ultimately increase your wait times before entering the park. 

However, for Disney Resort guests, there is a facility for Tokyo Disneyland parking at the resort itself. 

Read on to learn various details, such as where to find the parking location, hours of operation, fees, and more.

A Tokyo Disneyland round-trip transfer ticket is the best way to get to the park without facing travel-related hassles and have a memorable experience. However, many visitors prefer the simple Tokyo Disneyland one-day passport tickets and figure out how to get to the park independently.

Parking at Tokyo Disneyland

There are two separate Tokyo Disneyland parking structures that visitors can use at the Tokyo Disney Resort. 

This parking lot at Tokyo Disneyland is located about 10 minutes from the Urayasu exit of the Shuto Wangan Expressway. 

For reference, one parking structure is right behind the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in front of the Tokyo Disneyland Station and the main entrance. 

Another parking structure is beside the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels. 

Both these parking lots have a common entrance that can be accessed from the roadside. 

Visitors should keep the Tokyo Disneyland map handy to better understand and know your way around the park.

A map will help you navigate the park better as it includes all information, including rides, shops, restaurants, and more.

The Tokyo Disneyland parking structures have a vehicle height limit of 2.2 meters. 

The parking structures operate from before the park opening hours (at 8 am or 9 am) to 1 hour after the park closing (depending on season). 

When using the Tokyo Disneyland parking, visitors may be caught up and may have to spend longer for exiting the parking area after the closure. 

Visitors can enter the parking area until 30 minutes after the park closes. 

However, this is only for a certain period, and a nominal fee might be charged for vehicles. 

There are designated parking areas for guests with disabilities. 

Parking map of disneyland tokyo
Image: TokyoDisneyresort.jp

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Tokyo Disneyland Parking Fees

The Tokyo Disneyland parking fees vary based on the vehicle and the day of the week. 

Generally, visitors will have to pay more during the holidays and weekends than on weekdays.

For passenger cars, visitors have to pay ¥2,500 (US $31) on weekdays and ¥3,000 (US $37) on weekends and holidays. 

Buses can park in the Tokyo Disneyland parking for ¥4,500 (US $55) during weekdays and for ¥5,000 (US $61) on weekends and holidays. 

The Tokyo Disneyland parking fees are cheapest for bikes at ¥500 (US $6). It remains the same for weekdays and weekends, too. 

All types of common payment methods, such as cash, Tokyo Resort Gift Cards, credit cards, debit cards, etc, are accepted at the parking lot. 

We recommend keeping cash handy as visitors might face problems with credit cards and debit card issues outside Japan. 

The parking spots are subject to availability, and you may be directed to park at the Resort’s parking areas 6, 7 and 8, which are a bit far. 

map of disneyland tokyo
Image: TokyoDisneyresort.jp

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