Tokyo Disneyland height requirements

Knowing the Tokyo Disneyland height requirements is as important as purchasing the right Tokyo Disneyland tickets.

Tokyo Disneyland is known for its various elaborate and engaging rides based on different Disney movies, characters, and much more. 

Since the park has special arrangements for kids, most rides are inclusive and perfect for people of all heights. 

Even then, there are a few rides that impose mandatory restrictions. Only six have Tokyo Disneyland height requirements, but they vary between these rides, too. 

Read on to learn about the detailed Tokyo Disneyland height requirements for the select few rides with restrictions. 

Tokyo Disneyland Ride Height Restrictions

A person of any height can enjoy most of the rides at Disneyland Tokyo. 

There are a total of 39 attractions; among these, only six rides at Tokyo Disneyland have height requirements. 

Of these six, three are in Tomorrowland and one each in Toontown, Critter Country, and Westerland. 

The rest of the 33 rides do not have any kind of Tokyo Disneyland height restrictions. 

Let’s check out the six rides of Tokyo Disneyland and the prescribed Tokyo Disneyland height restrictions for these:

Ride Minimum Height Restriction
Big Thunder Mountain 102 cm or 40”
Space Mountain 102 cm or 40”
Star Tour 102 cm or 40”
Gadget’s Go Coaster90 cm or 35”
Splash Mountain 90 cm or 35”
Happy Ride with Baymax81 cm or 32”

Tokyo Disneyland is a dream destination for kids and adults alike. 

Hence, there is no age restriction beyond these Tokyo Disneyland ride height restrictions.

Since no height restrictions exist for Omnibus and Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, witness long wait times for these popular attractions at Disneyland. 

Beyond the Tokyo Disneyland height requirements, there are a few additional boarding restrictions at a few attractions. A few are at the guest’s own discretion. 

  1. various attractions are unsuited for people with high blood pressure, heart issues, back or neck problems, and motion sickness. For instance:- Star Tours in The Tomorrowland. 
  2. A few rides aren’t suitable for people who cannot maintain a stable sitting position alone in a moving vehicle. For example:- The Happy Ride with Baymax. 
  3. Another restriction on a few rides is guests cannot ride with a child on their lap. For example:- Space mountain. 

These restrictions aren’t for all attractions. However, these are on a few rides. Know more about the rides in detail, along with the restrictions on them. 

Apart from this, the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes is a unique ride in the Critter Country, one out of the seven themed areas, and has an age restriction too. 

There are, infact, two restrictions for this particular ride: guests whose feet cannot reach the floor when seated can not ride, and kids under the age of seven must wear a life jacket. 

For a smooth and hassle-free experience, check out the nifty tips and tricks that will come handy on your visit.

Getting the Disneyland transfer tickets can sort out your hassle of getting to Tokyo Disneyland and the parking worries.

Know your ideal one-day Tokyo Disneyland itinerary to be sure where to dine and shop inside the park and avoid wasting time in long queues. 

Tokyo DisneySea Ride Height Restrictions

A visit to Tokyo Disney Resort is not complete without experiencing the equally popular sibling park, Tokyo DisneySea. 

Like the Tokyo Disneyland height restrictions, there are height restrictions at DisneySea, too. 

Out of the 26 attractions, there are height restrictions for seven rides at Tokyo DisneySea. 

The rest of the rides can be enjoyed without any height restrictions. 

Let’s check out the seven rides of Tokyo Disneyland and the prescribed Tokyo DisneySea height restrictions for these:

Ride Height Restriction
Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull117 cm or 46”
Journey to the Center of the Earth 117 cm or 46”
Raging Spirits 117cm (46”) to 195cm (77”)
Soaring: Fantastic Flight 102 cm or 40”
Tower of Terror102 cm or 40”
Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster 90 cm or 35”
Nemo & Friends SeaRider 90 cm or 35”

Raging Spirits Ride at DisneySea has an upper limit on the height requirement; apart from this ride, all others have a minimum quota.


Is there a height requirement for Tokyo Disney?

Yes. Both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea have a few attractions that restrict visitors beyond a certain height to ride.

There are Tokyo Disney ride height requirements for a select few rides. However, anyone above 105 cm or 3 feet 4 inches can go on all rides. 

Out of the 39 rides, the Tokyo Disneyland height restrictions are only for 6 rides. The minimum height requirement is 2 feet 7 inches or 80 cm for a few select rides. 

What are Disneyland height requirements?

The Tokyo Disneyland ride height restrictions are different for different rides. Only 6 rides out of the 39 attractions have any kind of height restrictions. 

A person with a height of more than 102 cm or 40” can experience all the rides. Check out the detailed height restriction table for more information. 

This height restriction is in line with the other Disneylands, where the height restrictions vary from 32’ to 54’ for some rides, such as Autopia(ride solo). 

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