Tips for visiting Tokyo Disneyland

Planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland can be tricky due to its vastness and wide variety of attractions and entertainment options.

It requires meticulous planning, right from picking the right Tokyo Disneyland tickets to reaching on time and other time-saving tricks. 

The Tokyo Disneyland tips will help you avoid rookie mistakes and waste your time, subsequently spoiling the fun or, worse, missing out on it. 

Read on to learn about the handy tips for visiting Tokyo Disneyland, which can also inspire your itinerary

Tips for Tokyo Disneyland

Here are tips that might help you in visiting Tokyo Disneyland while you are planning (before reaching the attraction) and tips that’ll help you after you have reached. 

Some crucial things before reaching the park include the right tickets, the best time to visit, weather, height restrictions and other considerations. 

Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

Picking the most appropriate ticket for your visit to Tokyo Disneyland is the most crucial decision. 

Disneyland Tokyo tickets are limited and most time-slots get occupied if you aren’t booking in advance.

However, online purchase of tickets is a better option as there is no option for purchasing the Tokyo Disneyland tickets on-site. 

While booking tickets, visitors must decide whether their visit is a single-day or a multi-day trip.

The most popular and value-for-money option for most is the Tokyo Disneyland One-Day Passport

The Tokyo Disneyland transfer tickets eliminate your headache of figuring out how to reach Tokyo Disneyland. 

There are Tokyo Disneyland private transfer tickets to make your experience even more comfortable, luxurious and memorable. 

If you want to explore the sibling park of Disney Resort, you must buy Tokyo DisneySea transfer tickets

Apart from this, check out the attractions in Tokyo that visitors must add in their itinerary while exploring this marvelous city. 

In the case of a multi-day Tokyo trip, visitors should opt for the Tokyo hop-on hop-off pass to explore the city and get around with immense flexibility. 

If you only have a day and are confused about which park to visit, read our detailed comparison of Tokyo Disneyland vs DisneySea to understand the differences.

Pick the best time to visit

Choosing the right day/days to visit will determine your overall experience. Visitors looking to avoid crowds should avoid weekends.

 Even when visiting during the weekdays, avoid Mondays as it remains comparatively busier. 

As far as months go, mid-May and September are the best months of the year due to pleasant weather. 

Be mindful of various festivals and holidays in the first week of May. It attracts huge crowds during this holiday season. 

However, the best time to visit Tokyo Disneyland may vary depending on what type of experience you are looking for. 

To avoid as much crowd as possible, visitors can plan a visit during the Winter months from November to March except the weeks around New Year. 

Summer months, from July to August, are some of the most crowded times at the park, where the wait times for the popular rides can reach as much as 180 minutes. 

Arrive Early to Tokyo Disneyland

One of the crucial things to getting the most is arriving as early as possible to avoid the long queues for entry. 

Arrive 45-60 minutes before the Tokyo Disneyland opening hours to be in front of the waiting line. 

If you have opted for the Tokyo Disneyland transfer tickets, you don’t need to know how to reach Tokyo Disneyland quickly and conveniently. 

Download the Tokyo Disney Resort App. It will be useful for the following things:

  1. Check Wait times/queue times for various attractions. 
  2. Book Dining reservations.
  3. Entry requests for Shows and Character greetings.
  4. Book Premier Access for rides. 

The Tokyo Disney Resort App, along with the detailed Tokyo Disneyland Map, will act as your guide to locate things inside the park and know the real-time crowd. 

A detailed itinerary for Attractions

Tokyo Disneyland has plenty of things to experience, from elaborate rides to shows and parades, events, and more. 

Most of the Tokyo Disneyland tips and tricks involve planning a clear itinerary for the day, which will help you maximize efficiency and minimize time wastage. 

Know the Popular rides with the most wait time to clearly plan your day and decide which ones to experience and wait for and which are not worth the wait you should skip. 

Some of the most popular rides with the most wait times are the following:

  • Enchanted Tales of Beauty and the Beast 
  • Splash Mountain 
  • Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt 

These are also the must-experience attractions. Besides these, visitors should focus on rides and attractions unique to Tokyo Disneyland if they have limited time. 

As soon as the gates open, most rush to the Enchanted Tales of Beauty and the Beast. One of the nifty Tokyo Disneyland tips is to avoid this ride first thing in the morning. 

Alternatively, you should go for Monster Inc. Ride & Go Seek or Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. Check out the detailed one-day Tokyo Disneyland itinerary for more information. 

What and Where to Eat?

Avoid lunchtime to grab something to eat as it attracts the most crowd at all the restaurants inside the park

The Best time to grab something to eat is early lunch in the late morning and late lunch in the evening. 

To save time, make sure you visit restaurants that have priority seating. Make a reservation online in advance to save time and not face crowds. 

One of the best things to do at Tokyo Disneyland is to utilize strategic snacking throughout the day. Most of the restaurants are counter-style, serving food on the go.

Some of the dishes and restaurants to look forward to are:

  • Three Green Alien Mochi at the Pan Galactic Pizza in Tomorrowland. 
  • Mickey Gloves Chicken Sandwich at Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Good Time Cafe in ToonTown. 
  • Mickey-shaped Churros at Pecos Bill Cafe in Westernland. 
  • Smoked Turkey leg at Cowboy Cookhouse in Westernland. 

If you are not too keen on experiencing the food inside the park, you can leave the park and grab a bento box or something similar from the nearby Maihama Station. 

It will save you precious time and money. This hack is perfect for budget travelers. 

Tokyo Disneyland Shows 

Since everything has shifted online, visitors have to make a request for the various shows from the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

Everything is based on the lottery system to reserve seats for the Disneyland Tokyo shows. 

Some popular shows you should try to catch include Mickey’s Magical Music World, Club Mouse Beat, Country Bear Jamboree, and The Enchanted Tiki Room. 

Minnie Oh! Minnie! is another live show you should try watching. It features Latin Music and dancers, as well as Disney characters. 

Among the nighttime shows, Cinderella Castle is a must. Try to catch the second show if it is shown twice that day. It will be less crowded. 

Tokyo Disneyland Parades

Parades usually require a lot of time as you have to find a decent spot for watching almost 45 minutes before its start. 

Thus, try to catch as many as possible without pushing for it. However, one parade that is an absolute must is the nighttime parade Dreamlights. 

It is an electrical parade and is spectacular, to say the least. It generally starts at around 7 pm and lasts for 45 minutes. 

The best spot to catch the parade is near Country Bear Theatre in Westernland. Other good alternatives are areas near Pooh’s Hunny Hun and Toontown. 

Other helpful Disneyland Tokyo tips and tricks

Apart from this, there are a few general Tokyo Disneyland travel tips that can make your visit smooth and memorable. 

  • Make sure to wear clothes appropriate for weather conditions and comfortable shoes as you have to walk a fair bit inside the park. 
  • You can carry a water bottle with you inside the park. There are water fountains almost at every queue line. 
  • Visitors can go outside and re-enter from the admission gate only if they have valid Entry tickets and a hand stamp. 
  • To save time while shopping, avoid busier shops, such as the Emporium, so you don’t have to deal with large crowds. 
  • There are several things that you can’t carry inside the park, such as drones, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, and more. 
  • If you have something you can’t carry inside the park or an extra bag you don’t want to carry for the entire day, keep it in the locker available at various places. 
  • Learn about the Tokyo Disneyland height and other restrictions for various attractions before your visit. 
  • If you are trying to cover everything in a day, read our detailed one-day itinerary to save time and plan your day methodically. 
  • Go through the Tokyo Disneyland map before your visit and locate crucial things, such as Child care centers, First Aid locations, Banking services, toilets, and more. 


How much should I budget for Tokyo Disneyland?

The Tokyo Disneyland One-Day Passport tickets cost ¥10,900 (US $74) for adults. Beyond this, the budget depends largely on your stay, travel and entire visit length. 

If you are a first-time traveler to Japan, get the Tokyo Disneyland transfer tickets at ¥19,980 (US $135).

What not to bring to Tokyo Disneyland?

Several things are prohibited inside the park, such as drones, remote-controlled electronic items, cans, glass containers, and dangerous items, including imitation items. 

Additionally, visitors can’t take alcoholic beverages and food inside the park. Suitcases and wheeled carriers are also prohibited. 

How do you spend a day at Tokyo Disneyland?

A typical day at Tokyo Disneyland is filled with exciting and elaborate rides visitors can enjoy. Shopping and Dining from numerous shops & restaurants add to the fun. 

The amazing shows and energetic parades are a big part of the Disney magic. Nighttime shows and fireworks are essential to end a memorable visit. 

Can you leave and re-enter Tokyo Disneyland?

Yes, you can leave and re-enter Tokyo Disneyland on the same day. However, visitors need to get a hand stamp when exiting the park. 

When re-entering, you must have a valid Tokyo Disneyland ticket and a hand stamp. You have to re-enter through the admission gate.

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